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Content creators, Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers, Kathryn Burrington of Travel With Kat, Lucy Dodsworth of On the Luce and Zoe Dawes of The Quirky Traveller, visited Victoria and Vancouver and the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. Their objective was to produce content promoting the depth of nature and wildlife and to create excitement about what Canada has to offer to travellers.


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Articles published before the trip

A quintessential corner of Canada in British Columbia

Zoe Dawes writes: “Wide open spaces. spectacular wildlife, exciting sports, contemporary architecture, adventurous cuisine, intriguing history and diverse culture. Everything you can think of when you hear the word ‘Canada’ all in one state – British Columbia. With a population of about 4.5 million and an area of almost 950,000 sq km that’s a lot of country with a plenty of room for manoeuvre. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure where exactly British Columbia was when I was invited on a Travelator Media trip to #exploreCanada in late spring”. Read More..

What does Explore Canada Spring Watch in British Columbia involve?

Gary Bembridge writes: “To excite me about my trip to British Columbia, the Canadian Tourism Board sent me the rather cute (and soft) bear. I named him “Claws”, and the sweet and cheeky chap served as a daily reminder of the journey I am embarking on. While the bears that I will be encountering there on my Explore Canada Spring Watch trip are not going to be as charming, I am expecting they will make an even bigger (and more emotional) impact”. Read more…

Spring watch in British Columbia and the Great Bear Rainforest

Kathryn Burrington writes: “I’ll soon be checking into my hotel near Heathrow in readiness to make my first journey across the pond to North America. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a forthcoming trip. For just over one week I’ll be getting to know British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, including visiting two wonderful cities, Victoria and Vancouver, which both lie on the doorstep of some of the most spectacular natural beauty and the Great Bear Rainforest”. Read more…

City life meets wildlife in British Columbia, Canada

Lucy Dodsworth writes: “Canada has been top of my travel wishlist for so long – and with good reason. It’s the perfect combination of modern city life meets wilderness wildlife adventure. Though with over 5000 miles from coast to coast you’d need a while to see it all. So I’m starting with a province which brings together some of the country’s best features in a much smaller area (by Canadian standards at least) – British Columbia”. Read more…

Victoria Articles and Videos

The Other Side Of Victoria : A look Beyond Whale-Watching in British Columbia, Canada

Gary Bembridge writes “I felt the throb of the engines ramp up a notch as the powerful Prince of Whales whale-watching boat veered to the right. The First Mate, Jennifer, excitedly pointed towards the grey bulk that the Captain had spotted working its way through the frothy sea. I hurried to the open side of the boat and joined the other guests peering out across the ocean being whipped by the winds ahead of us”. Read more

Cities on the edge of nature – Victoria, British Columbia

Kathryn Burrington writes “While I love exploring the natural world, I also get a big thrill from discovering new cities. When the opportunity came up to combine the two in Canada I was excited to say the least. We’d be staying in two beautiful cities, Victoria and Vancouver, as well as the Great Bear Rainforest, a place of stunning, mist enshrouded landscape and home to grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, humpback whales and orcas”. Read more

Seals near Victoria, British Columbia

A Weekender’s Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Lucy Dodsworth writes “Canada had topped my travel wishlist for years, so as we boarded our last flight the excitement started to grow. Down below I could see pine-covered islands dotted in shimmering water – we had made it to Vancouver Island. And I couldn’t think of a better place to start my adventures than Victoria, the island’s biggest city and capital of British Columbia.” Read More

Exploring British Columbia’s cultural heritage in Victoria

Zoe Dawes writes “The moon gazes down into a darkness full of ghostly figures with hooked beaks, outstretched wings, fierce faces and threatening demeanour. Beneath the moon is a woman with vacant eyes clasping a head to her stomach; there is an air of warning and unknown forces at work here … It’s a house post depicting the moon and the Dzoonokwa, who lives in the woods and steals children to eat” Read more

Where and what to eat in Victoria, British Columbia

Giant waffles, served with bacon, berries and lashings of maple syrup. Just the thought of it now has me nearly dribbling over my laptop (sorry). Sadly I had food envy as my eggs faded in comparison to the delight on a plate that my fellow blogger was devouring. A week of eating like this though would really flummox my fight against the pounds. The food in Canada, however, was so very good throughout that the battle was lost before it had begun. And I indulged… a lot. Read more

Where and what to eat in Victoria

Vancouver Articles and Videos

How to explore Vancouver British Columbia without having to walk much

Gary Bembridge writes “I consider myself unfortunate and not clumsy. Although the latter is the reality, meaning I often have to adapt my travel plans to cater for self-afflicted injuries. A situation I found myself in Vancouver in British Columbia Canada recently. I broke my little toe by stubbing it too hard on my hotel bed base. I could barely walk, but was desperate to see the city, and so had to innovate to solve the problem.” Read More

Bald Headed Eagles, Vancouver

Cities on the edge of Nature – Vancouver, in ever changing shades of green

Kathryn Burrington writes “Vancouver on the west coast of Canada is said to be one of the best places in the world to live. It has a stunning backdrop of the snow-capped Olympus Mountains and the impressive 400 hectare Stanley Park as well as the Salish Sea, a popular whale-watching location, all on its doorstep. Like Victoria, Vancouver is certainly another wonderful city on the edge of nature.”. Read More

Food and Art: Exploring Two Sides of Vancouver

Lucy Dodsworth writes “‘World’s Most Liveable City’, ‘Top Destination in Canada’ – Vancouver really knows how to win awards, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got big-city facilities with a friendly, relaxed feel. If you love the outdoors you have snow-covered slopes to one side and the ocean to the other. Or if you’re more into the arts you have theatres and galleries, and so many films are made locally it’s been christened Hollywood North. ” Read More

Enjoy 24 hours in Vancouver, Canada

Zoe Dawes writes “Quite possibly the most beautiful Art Deco building in the world is in Vancouver. The Marine Building was opened in 1930 and bought by the Guinness family. The walls are engraved with murals depicting sea travel through the ages and quirky ocean creatures. Above the revolving doors enormous Great Blue Herons (or Canada Geese?) fly off in opposite directions. At one time the tallest building not just in Canada, but the British Empire, it’s now, literally overshadowed by the many newer skycrapers that adorn the city.” Read More

The Great Bear Rainforest Articles and Videos

Why Did Grizzly Bear Viewing Convert A City Boy To A Wilderness Lover? The British Columbia Knight Inlet Lodge Experience

Gary Bembridge writes “My eureka moment came on the speedboat when I realised I was contentedly smiling to myself. It happened as we zoomed ever faster on our 20-mile sightseeing trip across cloudy green water from Glendale Cove to Glacier Bay, deep within British Columbia”. Read more…

A Novice’s Guide to Bear Watching in British Columbia. 10 Things You Need To Know

Gary Bembridge writes ” As my sightseeing boat drifted closer to the lush green sedge-covered bank in the estuary down stream from Knight Inlet Lodge, I could see the head of the Grizzly Bear scanning us above the vegetation. The enormous beast had risen on his back legs; thick front paws hanging over his chest to observe our approach” Read more…

Grizzly Bear Watching at Knight Inlet, British Columbia

Zoe Dawes writes ““Do you have any food on you? Chocolate, chewing gum, sweets? Please make sure you don’t have anything edible; bears have a very strong sense of smell.” We looked at each other in slight trepidation and patted our pockets to make sure we weren’t carrying something that might attract a hungry bear.”. Read more…

A Digital Detox with the bears of British Columbia

Zoe Dawes writes “On our ever-noisier digital planet, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hear nature’s voice, to tune in to the subtle nuances the seasons bring, to smell, not the aroma of man-made coffee, but damp grass during a rain-storm. Yet we all need to be around nature or we start to internally combust”. Read more…

In Search of Grizzly Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest

Kathryn Burrington writes “We’ve be looking for hours, or so it seems, staring intently at the grass-like sedge that grows along the banks. Drifting along on the water with just the occasional sloosh from the oars, we pass trees clad in wispy moss, part of the ancient forests of cedars and spruce that surround us. Low clouds creep around the upper slopes of the tree covered cliff-faces”. Read more…

Photographing Grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest

Kathryn Burrington writes “My first view of the Great Bear Rainforest, the last great expanse of temperate rainforest in the world, was through the window of a float plane. The excitement, mingled with a touch of nervousness over the flight, was palpable. Would we see any bears? Would we see any cubs? Would we be able to capture the photos we longed for?”. Read more…

Grizzly Bear in the Great Bear Rainforest

Land of the Grizzly: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Lucy Dodsworth writes “Think of a rainforest and you imagine tropical heat, howling monkeys, scuttling insects and colourful birds. But a rainforest doesn’t have to be hot – there’s also another, lesser-known version, the temperate rainforest. They’re both packed with natural riches and share the same high rainfall of 250–450cm a year, but where the tropical version is hot and steamy, the temperate version is cool and damp”. Read more…

Luxury in the wilderness at the Great Bear Lodge

Lucy Dodsworth writes “When I first heard that my trip to Canada was going to involve a few days out in the remote Great Bear Rainforest, I did wonder if I was going to be roughing it. But it turns out that at the Great Bear Lodge you can do luxury in the wilderness. Out in the fjords to the north of Vancouver Island, the lodge is surrounded by miles of unspoilt temperate rainforest”. Read more…