Ethics and approach

Travelator Media follows a code of ethics and approach when working with travel partners while ensuring we stay credible and authentic for our audiences.


We undertake to publish and deliver the volume of content that we have agreed in a professional and timely manner.

We accurately and honestly represent our online influence and statistics and outcomes of projects we undertake.

We do not claim expertise or skills that we do not have to our clients, nor do we represent ourselves to be experts or authorities in
areas that we are not to our audiences.

We know and understand our audience and their needs. We always strive to generate content that is ethical and balanced, so it is
seen as authentic and credible to them.

Our Content

We do not claim experiences and discoveries on trips unless we have actually made or done them.

We write about our experiences from our own personal viewpoint and all opinions expressed are our own.

We always declare any commercial relationships, advertising, advertorials, sponsorships, product tests or 3rd party reviews published
by ourselves.

As Publishers

Our goal is to ensure that our time, influence and services are adequately rewarded.

We work with companies, tourism organisations, public relations, advertisers and marketers, and we expect our audiences to both
understand and accept the commercial nature of that relationship.

We agree clear communication objectives with commercial partners and make clear any limits of cooperation (e.g. subjects we will write about or promote) in advance of any trip.

We do not let our editorial independence and ethics be compromised because a trip is hosted and paid for if published on our own online sites and channels. However, we clarify in advance expectations on both sides and aim to provide balanced and considered coverage that satisfies our clients and is authentic to our audience. If discrepancies, complications or negative experiences occur in the course of a trip, we undertake to consult first with the host to clarify and, if possible, resolve the situation. In exceptional circumstances, if the situation cannot be resolved, we reserve the right not to write about the specific venue or experience and inform the host and client of the reasons why.

We agree the itinerary of trips with commercial partners in advance, building in sufficient time to explore, experience and find
unique stories within the destination and venues.