Following the success of last year’s Springwatch Campaign the Canadian Tourist Commission invited Travelator Media to return to Canada, this time on a road trip adventure, lasting a total of two months, that took the team from Vancouver on the west coast, across the country to Montreal in the east.

Travelator Media in Canada

Explore Canada and Travelator Media sent four content creators to travel across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal in a series of four back-to-back trips in an RV (motorhome) in the #ExploreCanada Road Trip.

Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

Kathryn Burrington, from Travel With Kat, began the adventure, flying into Vancouver before heading off a two-week road trip that would take her. and her friend Sara, north along the Sunshine Coast and then across to Vancouver Island. Highlights along the way included Black Bear and whale watching, discovering British Columbia’s fabulous food and drink scene and the mighty Douglas Firs of Cathedral Grove. Their journey ended back in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Three wonderful reasons to visit Vancouver, the gateway city to British Columbia

Things to do in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadaa

Beautiful green parks, wonderful wildlife on your doorstep, a fabulous food and drink scene, colourful markets – there are so many reasons to visit Vancouver. Having made a fleeting stop there last year, I had many reasons to return. Two things that I had not had a chance to do during my previous trip were now top of my list of things to do in Vancouver: a walk around Stanley Park along the seawall, and crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I also wanted to revisit my favourite part of the city, Granville Island. There’s a great food market there and, having visited a number of microbreweries around British Columbia, I was eager to check out Granville Island Brewing. Read more.

The Sunshine Coast of Canada Road Trip

The Sunshine Coast of Canada Road Trip

Two women, one motorhome, and the open road – what could possibly go wrong?

Serene views, craft beers, seaside cafés, and a warm sense of community are the enduring memories from my Canadian road trip along Highway 101, an area known affectionately as the Sunshine Coast of Canada. Read more.

Vancouver Island, Canada Road Trip

Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Throughout the previous week, as we had explored the Sunshine Coast of Canada, Sara and I had often gazed across the water to Vancouver Island and her still snow-capped mountains. Today we were about to set out on the longest drive of our road trip, and it would take us right through the centre of the island and those beautiful mountains. Seasoned road trippers would take it in their stride I’m sure, but the thought of narrow, winding, mountain roads, was rather daunting for us novice RVers. Read more.

The Wildlife of Clayoquot Sound

The wildlife of Canada's Clayoquot Sound

As the ebbing tide withdraws, a rich mosaic of life is revealed, clinging resolutely to the rocks and one another – barnacles attached to limpets attached to mussels attached to seaweed attached to rocks. Yet more creatures scuttle into crevices and beneath the stones. It takes a hardy being to survive the turmoil of life in the intertidal zone on Canada’s wild Pacific coast – an ever changing environment, alternating between the drying air and sun and the unpredictable sea, not to mention the threat from terrestrial predators.
As I look on, a huge black paw flips over a boulder as if it were made of polystyrene. As he searches for his breakfast amongst the rocks and seaweed, this beautiful black bear is seemingly oblivious to our presence. It feels such a privilege to be here watching him and I snap away with my camera, trying to capture his every nuance. Read more.

Top 10 Things to Do In British Columbia

Top 10 Things to Do in British Columbia

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday next year, there’s no better time to visit. Yet, being the second largest country in the world, and with so many outstanding places to see, it can be a daunting task whittling down your wish list to any one region that you would most long to explore.

But when I think about British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, I know that would be my choice. To convince you, here are my top 10 things to see and do around and about British Columbia. Add them together, and they make the perfect destination, whether it’s your first time to Canada or your 100th. Read more.

Vancouver to Calgary

Zoë Dawes, The Quirky Traveller, and photographer Alison Bailey, picked up the RV in Vancouver and headed off south to the desert region of Osoyoos. From there they headed northeast towards the Rockies, via the fertile Okanagan Valley, charming Revelstoke and tranquil Clearwater. They spent a few days in the stunning Rocky Mountains before ending their trip, via quirky Vulcan, in sunny Calgary.

Enjoy 24 hours in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Canada

The large red sign on the highway summed it all up; ‘Horses always have Right of Way. It’s a Stampede Thing’.The Calgary Stampede is Calgary’s USP. Billed as the Largest Outdoor Show on Earth, it attracts over 2.5 million visitors every July (plus lots of horses) and brings a wild-west tang to the city. Originally a small agricultural fair started in 1886 to promote Calgary and lure farmers to move from west to east, it quickly grew in popularity. The exhilarating covered-wagon races were a huge draw in the 1920s and still attract big crowds today. Read more.

Top Tips for your RV road trip in Canada

Top Tips For a RV road trip in Canada

It looked a lot bigger than I had imagined. It also looked a lot prettier, covered in views of Canada’s splendid scenery. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Once you get on the road, you’ll soon forget its size and be enjoying yourself behind the wheel.” I was at the Cruise Canada pick-up centre in Vancouver, about to set off on a two-week RV (Recreational Vehicle) road trip to Calgary via the Rocky Mountains, with photographer Alison Bailey. Luckily, Ali was familiar with driving a camper van and took in all the instructions from the very helpful guy at the depot. Read more.

A dash of history & culture in the Rocky Mountains

A dash of history & culture in the Rocky Mountains

A hiker strides out into the wilderness of one of North America’s most renowned regions. He is Tête Jaune, the legendary pathfinder of the Yellowhead Pass through the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Part Iroquois and part European, (Métis) Pierre Bostonnais was a fur trader and worked with the Hudson Bay Trading company in the Rockies. He is now the logo for the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives, an excellent little museum in Jasper, Alberta, showcasing the fascinating history and culture of the area. Read more.

Top 10 memorable moments from a Canada road trip

10 meomrable moents from a Canada roadtrip

When you go on an RV road trip in Canada, you’re guaranteed a great many memorable moments, whichever part of the country you visit. But when you drive through British Columbia and Alberta via the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary these moments tumble over each other almost every hour. Here are just a few that stand out, but there were many more … Read more.

Calgary to Toronto

Lucy Dodsworth of and her sister travelled from Calgary to Toronto on the third leg of the journey. Their epic 4500km drive took them first across the prairies, with stops in historic Moose Jaw and for Canada Day celebrations in Regina. Then they swapped wide open skies for lakes across the border in Ontario where they visited five Provincial Parks, hiking canoeing and wildlife spotting along the way, before finishing off in Toronto.

Waterfront Toronto

Waterfront Toronto, Canada

It’s a summery Wednesday morning in Ontario. From our boat we can see children splashing in the shallows and building sandcastles on the shore. A canoe rests on the water’s edge and a group of friends picnic under a shady tree. Families carrying ice creams follow the waterside path past a neat line of sailboats. It’s a picture-perfect scene straight from a beach town or lakeshore resort. But if you turn your head then a row of skyscrapers comes into view, and towering above them all is the CN Tower. These are the Toronto Islands, just a few hundred metres offshore from downtown Toronto but a whole different world away. Read more.

Clueless about RVing? The first-timers guide to Canada by motorhome


Two sisters, two weeks, 4500km, four provinces and three times zones – our leg of the #ExploreCanada road trip was epic in more ways than one. Especially considering neither or us had ever been in an RV (motorhome) before. How would this self-confessed camping-phobe cope with life on the road? Setting off from Calgary en route to Toronto felt a bit like being thrown in at the deep end. But it turns out RVing is a world away from camping, and Canada’s the perfect place to try it out.  Read more.

Land of lakes: exploring Ontario’s Provincial Parks


For four days our journey along the Trans-Canada Highway from Calgary to Toronto took us through the heart of the prairies. Our RV rolled along miles of long straight roads, passing fields of vivid yellow canola, nodding oil wells and mile-long trains. All accompanied by those huge, wide open prairie skies. But as we crossed the border into Ontario it all changed. We swapped straight roads for curves, flat land for hills, and wheat fields for forests. But most of all we’d entered the land of the lakes. When you look at a map of Ontario from above it’s speckled with patches of blue. The province has an enormous 250,000 lakes – from tiny pools to sea-sized expanses. Along the next ten days we hopped from lake to lake on our journey towards Toronto, stopping off to explore a just a few of them in Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Read more.

Calgary to Toronto: 10 Unforgettable Road Trip Moments

Canada road trip

2017 is going to be Canada’s year. It celebrates its 150th birthday with events all over the country – peaking on Canada Day on 1 July – as well as free entry to all Canadian National Parks for the whole year. So to give you a taste of what Canada has to offer, I’m sharing the most memorable moments from my leg of the #ExploreCanada road trip, from one side of the country to the other in a Cruise Canada RV. Whether they’re big adventures or little things, they all added up to make an unforgettable trip from Calgary to Toronto. And who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to head out on the road in Canada in 2017 too? Read more.


Toronto to Montreal

Heather Cowper, or HeatherOnHerTravels, drove the final leg of the journey with her husband, starting in Toronto. Their road trip took them north into Algonquin Provincial park before they headed to historic Kingston and on the Canada’s capital of Ottawa. More foodie and outdoor adventures awaited as they drove through Quebec province with some exciting outdoor activities in Mont Tremblant National Park, ending the road trip with a day in Montreal. 

How to spend a perfect day in Montreal

Street Art in Montreal, Canada

Our Explore Canada Road trip had taken us from Toronto to Montreal, but now we were at journey’s end. Dropping Monty the RV (our recreational vehicle, named after our final destination) back at the Cruise Canada depot, we headed into the city, to enjoy our final day exploring Montreal. In one short day, we fell in love with the charming bilingual Montrealers, discovered something of the city’s history and ate our way through Montreal’s lively food scene. Of course we didn’t see everything, but all the more excuse to return – so here’s our version of a perfect day in Montreal. Read more.

How to drive an RV from Toronto to Montreal (our top tips)

How to drive an RV from Toronto to Montreal (our top tips)

As a child our family were great campers, touring Europe with all our gear packed into the Morris Minor. While my parent’s spirit of adventure must have rubbed off on me, I have to admit that my memories are of early morning starts, endless unpacking and the smell of damp grass. Since then I’ve always preferred to have a solid roof over my head. Husband Guy, however, is a natural born camper, relishing the chance to sleep under the stars and brew up over the camp fire. When we were offered the chance to drive an RV across Canada (better known as a motorhome or camper van in the UK) it seemed the perfect compromise that would suit both a comfort lover and a camping addict. Read more.

Food adventures on our Canadian Road Trip – Ontario and Quebec

Canada food scene

Our road trip this summer took us through Canada from Toronto to Montreal, eating the freshest of Canadian produce and trying the many craft beers (once the RV was safely parked of course!). We tasted our way through gourmet burgers and poutine, cooked up a storm over the camp fire and enjoyed an occasional sophisticated dinner at in some of Quebec’s finest restaurants, all washed down by the wonderfully varied, locally brewed craft beer. Read more.

Top 10 Canada Moments – from Toronto to Montreal

Canada Road Trip

This summer we adopted a motorhome, or RV as they are known in Canada, and spent two weeks driving from Toronto to Montreal. ‘Monty’ as we fondly named the RV, took us on many an adventure, from bear spotting in Algonquin to farmer’s markets in Kingston, from feeding carrots to Bambi in Parc Omega to climbing a Via Ferrata in Mont Tremblant park. We dipped our toe in Canada’s wilderness, toasted s’mores over the campfire and tasted everything from thousand island dressing to poutine. While there were many highlights from our two week road trip, here are ten of my favourite Canada moments. Read more.

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