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South Tyrol and Travelator Media sent three bloggers, Heather Cowper of, Zoe Dawes of and Abigail King of, to explore the region and produce content about the outdoor activities, food and culture.


Published articles

Cycling with wine and apples – on the South Tyrol Wine Road

Heather on her Travel in South Tyrol

Heather writes “Let’s imagine a perfect Sunday afternoon in South Tyrol. The sun’s shining and we’re having lunch on the terrace restaurant beside the sparkling water of Lake Kaltern, where families are sunbathing and enjoying a turn on the pedalos. It would be fun to have a swim but we’re off on our bikes to follow the small lanes above the lake that take us through the vineyards where ripe grapes are dripping from the vines and rosy apples are waiting to be harvested”. Read the full article


Messner Mountain Museum. The time before the time of man


Abi writes “It’s a funny business, mountaineering. Climb, climb, climb to the top. Look around for a bit, head back down. Or so it seems to me, dear reader, at moments of breathless weakness when legs shudder with exhaustion and lungs seem charred and torn at the edges. My love for the mountains is sure, my love for mountaineering more platonic and my love for mountaineers relegated to a region reserved for curiosity, awe and bewilderment”. Read the full article.

Messner Mountain Museum. The time before the time of man.


Climbing my very first Via Ferrata – in SouthTyrol

Heather Cowper climbing her first VIa Ferrata

Heather writes “Before today I thought that a Via Ferrata was a hiking trail with some sections of ladders and cables to keep you safe on the tricky bits. Now I’m in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Dolomites, I quickly realise that a Via Ferrata is not a hiking trail, but a rock climb and since I’ve never climbed in my life it’s a somewhat scary prospect. On my previous hikes in the Alps on the Tour de Mont Blanc I’d come across the odd cable or ladder, but always managed to find an easier alternative route. Today there’s no escape”. Read the full article.


Traditional South Tyrol food and wine with a gastronomic twist

Zoe writes “You may not remember the name, but you will certainly remember the experience.” So said Karl Meir as we stood outside his large wooden farm house, gazing across the green ribbon of Val di Vizze /Pfitschertal in South Tyrol (aka Alta Adige), sheltered by steely grey mountains and ancient trees. Read the full article.



Michelin Stars in Mountains: Bad Schoergau Review

Abi writes “When it comes to mountain food, my mind automatically thinks stodge not stars before my stomach has even started to have a say in the matter. Yet that’s spectacularly unfair (and based, no doubt, on the heavy cheesy potato dishes that sustained me on many a trip to the slopes in my rough n ready student days.) South Tyrol, or Südtirol as it’s also called in northern Italy, sends grapevines up terraced slopes, gathers milk from goats and sheep, excels in venison and cures pork with laurel and venison to produce speck, a kind of aromatic ham.  “. Read the full article.


Törggellen Nme in South Tyrol– a feast of autumn


Our guest author, Lee McIntyre, shares some of the foods of South Tyrol she came to love while living in Bozen/Bolzano, Italy and invites us to experience the Törggellen festival, a mouth-watering celebration of autumn. Read the full article.


Songs of praise to the Gardens of Traufmansdorff Castle

Zoe writes: “The sound of a hundred voices rose above the flowers, trees, plants and water in a fond farewell. Neigen sich die Stunden  (Now it’s time for leaving) sang the choirs of South Tyrol.  Dressed in traditional Tyrolean costume these singers had been serenading a very appreciative audience at the Day of the Choirs in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle”. Read the full article.


But is it Art? – at the Museion in Bolzano


Heather writes: “The modern glass cube of the Museion in Bolzano sits confidently facing the river, two pedestrian bridges snaking away from it, a contrast to the nondescript apartment buildings on either side. I visited the Museion when I was in South Tyrol in September, curious to see what a modern art museum was doing in this traditional Italian town in the Alps”. Read the full article



South Tyrol Designer Giveaway – WAMS socks and Re-Bello t-shirts

Heather writes: “The beautiful region of South Tyrol in Italy ticks lots of boxes; picturesque Alpine farmsteads, clear as crystal mountain air, stunning views of the Dolomites – but fashion? When I visited South Tyrol in September I met with two different fashion companies run by energetic young entrepreneurs who were taking inspiration from both the natural environment of South Tyrol and also the modern spirit of Italian design. With the fashion capital of Milan only a couple of hours away these companies can enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by nature while tapping into the best fashion design and production facilities in the world. Read on to find out how fashion and design is thriving in South Tyrol and to enter my South Tyrol Designer Giveaway of WAMS Socks and Re-bello T-shirts”. Read the full article.

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