Why work with us?

We guarantee high quality campaigns and content that will reach a large UK audience of quality travellers. We can co-ordinate and manage the campaign reducing your workload and the risk in sourcing and identifying bloggers to work with.


  • Are UK-based and speak to the UK travel consumer while covering UK, European and global travel destinations, cruising and accommodation.
  • Target travellers with an above average annual household income.
  • Represent the quality UK traveller seeking mid-range to luxury travel.
  • Provide inspiring and valuable written, photographic, audio and video content about travel destinations and experiences.
  • Work in a professional way to deliver value for our readers and sponsors.
  • Have blogs that are well established with engaged audiences and substantial traffic.
  • Between us have 53K visitors/month, 123K page views/month, 103K YouTube views/month, 11K Facebook likes, 54K Twitter followers

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Who is our audience?

Our audience is the 40+ UK-based traveller with an above average annual household income. They are quality travellers seeking premium travel experiences.